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Brooke Marks Is Back

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I still work full time in the adult industry, although I am pretty far removed from photo shoots and dealing with models these days. Trust me, that’s fine – dealing with photo shoots and models sounds oh so glamorous but in reality it gets old quickly. The other day I had a phone conversation with an old friend, another old school solo girl guy who I hadn’t talked to in years. He used to shoot one of my favorite models, Misty Anderson. We had a good talk and it brought back some good memories.

Speaking of good memories, it seems Brooke Marks is back. She’s old school, but I swear this chick hasn’t aged a day. Not one single day. It’s like she’s been twenty years old for the past six years. It’a amazing. That’s the kind of chick you want to marry, by the way. You want a chick who never ages – this way when she is forty-five she looks thirty-five. And if you are remotely lucky she still likes to fuck…. I bet you Brooke Marks loves to fuck.

Brooke Marks is one of those chicks I would never ever get tired of. You know the saying “for every hot chick there is someone who is tired of fucking her”? Well, I would never get tired of fucking Brooke Marks.

I would also enjoy spending all of my time slowly licking every last inch of Brooke Marks and her sexy twenty-one year old looking body.

I am thrilled to death that Brooke Marks is shooting again. I have to admit I sort of missed her. I am hoping we’ll see a lot more of Brooke Marks in the near future… I’ll have to look at her videos to see what she has really been up to.. Brooke Marks always had the very best videos!

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