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Candice Brielle Is So Damn Sexy

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I don’t know who Candice Brielle is but she’s super fucking hot. The perfect little tight package wrapped up in blonde hair… And when I say tight I mean she does in fact look tight.

I don’t know where she is from. I thought she might be from Europe, but after looking over her site it seems like she is in the US. Which is great because I do hope to meet this one in the near future… I’ve met most of the solo girls, but not this one… At least not yet.

Candice Brielle is just perfect. Sort of like a blonde Destiny Moody. But shorter. And sexier.

And she is dressed up which only makes her hotter. Seriously, when was the last time your girlfriend wore thigh high stockings and garters? LOL. I’m guessing your girlfriend rarely dresses up for you in high heels…. But not Candice Brielle. She loves playing dress up.

I wish we could see what kind of high heels she is wearing…

The bra she was wearing is super hot, and it fits her perky boobs just perfectly. Candice Brielle might be a tight little package, but she’s got a a great little rack. Her boobs look sexy in her bra!

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