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Basil Meadows Looks Super Slutty

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We all like cute and sexy, and all of that, but sometimes we just need plain straight up dirty.

There is a difference between making love and fucking like animals. When I look at Basil Meadows I see a chick who likes to fuck. I see a chick who likes to fuck like an animal. She is not ugly or desperate or anything like that, in fact, just the opposite – she’s super easy on the eyes. One might even say Basil Meadows is hot and sexy. But still I think she likes it dirty.

I can just imagine Basil Meadows in bed. She might give great head, but for her giving head isn’t about pleasing her man but instead it’s all about getting her man nice and hard so she can ride on top of that cock. Clearly Basil Meadows is not the kind of chick that is going say “Okay honey, I’ll just lay down here and you can climb on top of me and do you thing”. Oh hell not. She is not that kind of chick at all. All Basil Meadows wants is to make your cock hard so she can ride it and get off.

She’s not the kind of girl that is remotely interested in getting you off, mind you. Basil Meadows just wants to get off herself. As quickly as possible.

When they say “She’s the kind of girl that puts it in” they were talking about chicks like Basil Meadows.

This picture says it all. Just the way she is sitting there posing with her legs spread screams “I want to mount your cock and fuck you silly”.

Yeah, that’s our kind of chick!

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