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Aspen Parker Looks Great In Black Stockings

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I am a boob man myself but who doesn’t like a chick with a tight little ass… Yum!

This is Aspen Parker from This Year’s Model bending over in a pair of black stockings….

I am not sure why women don’t wear stockings on a daily basis because they sure do look sexy with them on. I know it’s a pain in the ass for them to put but the way they look when they are wearing them is so damn hot… Thigh high stockings are by far the hottest. Nothing says “I want have sex right now” than thigh high stockings. The one downside of stockings is they are so damn hard to get off in a hurry, but the thigh high stockings completely get rid of that problem for us….

Combine those stockings with a pair of black high heels and and a tight little teen ass… And it’s party time!

Apsen Parker always deserved her own site and it’s so damn disappointing that she never got it. But thankfuly we have This Year’s Model to keep her photos and videos online. At the same time they also have a lot of other hot sexy models too!

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