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Banging Ashley Doll

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You know you’ve always wanted to bang Ashley Doll…. It’s okay; I want to bang her too.

I normally like chicks with tits. Big but perky tits. In fact, I run a boob blog too – the kind of boob blog the celebrates big boobs and also smaller, perky boobs. I like boobs that are somewhere in the middle. I call this the “perfect mouthful”.

Ashley Doll doesn’t have the perfect mouthful; She has less than that. Nice and perky. But that’s fun too. It’s fun to get a chick who has boobs like Ashley Doll and her to bounce her boobs around and watch them move… Imagine banging Ashley Doll from behind doggie style and making those boobs bounce around. You can just tell Ashley Doll likes it doggie style; Chicks with boobs like Ashley Doll always like to be fucked from behind doggie style. That’s not to say she’s a slut, but instead she just like getting fucked and getting fucked hard. Our era might be known as the “Me Too” era, but chicks still like to fuck. And chicks like Ashley Doll LOVE to fuck.

Nice perky tits she has!

Yes, we all want to bang Ashley Doll…. Let’s make those titties bounce around a bit!

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