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Madden Playing Dress Up

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It’s just so damn cute when these solo girls get all dressed up. Who knows what Madden is up to here. Maybe she’s going to a special dinner, maybe her man got a promotion or something. Who knows, who cares – All that matters is that Madden is all dressed up and has no place to go.

I am not sure about you, but when I see a chick like Madden dressed up like this I just have to wonder what she is wearing underneath it all. Because that is what’s important. For all we know, Madden isn’t wearing anything at all. Wouldn’t that be just about right?


Turns out I wasn’t far off. Seems all Madden has on is a pair of panties. No bra needed here, but then again Madden has such perky little titties that she doesn’t need them. We all love chicks with perky titties.

The best part is the dress quickly opens up and show us everything…. And we know how much Madden likes showing us everything!


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