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Crazy Hot Sexy Ariel Rebel

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One of the neat things about knowing Ariel Rebel for so long is you can see how much better she has become. I mean, Ariel Rebel is like a fine wine that just keeps on getting better and better with age. Not only is she getting prettier with every growing day, her photography is getting better too. Seems she has a great photographer named Max (I met him, super nice guy, really knows what he is doing) and if that isn’t enough they are also putting in a lot more effort into their photoshoots.

In this case it seems they are out in the middle of no where. I know Ariel Rebel was just in California, and this kind of looks like it could be California. In fact, it looks like the place they shot all of the those old Star Trek tv shows at.

Maybe this wasn’t a photo shoot after all. Maybe Ariel Rebel was just talking a walk with her girlfriend and opps decided to lift up her shirt and show off her breasts… Surprise – turns out Ariel Rebel isn’t wearing a bra. Then again, with the perky tits she has she just doesn’t need one.

The best part about this is Ariel Rebel has a smile on her face the entire time.

I know I say this every chance I get – I met Ariel Rebel in person once – and she is one of the nicest solo girls I’ve ever met. I’ve been in the solo girl business for a long, long time – longer than she has – so we sat down and talked shop. Turns out Ariel Rebel isn’t all good looks and the perky tits of a twenty-one year old college chick. It turns out that Ariel Rebel really knows what she is doing and has a lot of plans.

I can’t wait to see her put them all into place!

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