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Remembering Annabelle Angel

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Rochard’s Bunny Ranch has been online since 2005 or so, and during this time we’ve had some fun times. There are some photos on the blog here that are just embedded in my mind and I can never forget them. And then there is Annabelle Angel.

I’m not sure what the deal was with her. Her site was launched along side of Ann Angel (yum hot slut) but they never told us much about Annabelle Angel. I’m not sure if they were sisters, cousins, kissing cousins or what not… They posed naked together and even did some kissing… So maybe not sisters. Maybe kissing cousins. Kind of hot.

Annabelle Angel was hot. Smoking hot. But for reasons I don’t know her site just suddenly disapeared. I hate it when that happens. But my god she was hot.

And her breasts? Hot. Annabelle Angel had the most perfect breasts ever.

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