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Huge Teen Boobies

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Some chicks just do it for you, no matter what. Sweet Krissy is one of those girls. The fact that she reminds of a girl I dated a while back, she drives me crazy. Sweet Krissy has long hair and a totally killer rack – her boobs are just fucking huge! And if there is one thing that all men like, it’s chicks with long hair and big boobs.

I love chicks with big boobs because it’s like getting a free show when they are riding on top of you with your big boobs bouncing up and down!

sweet krissy short white skirt1

Of course, just like all other chicks her age, Sweet Krissy likes getting fucked doggie style. It’s because we get to go really deep inside of them, and that tickles them in places that they don’t usually get tickled. And chicks like that.

Now factor in that Sweet Krissy has big knockers, when you hitting it from behind her breasts must be bouncing all over the place!

sweet krissy short white skirt2

Sweet Krissy, we all love you!

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