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I Love Alison Angel

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One of the reasons the solo girl market online did so well is because every single man in the world has that one woman who got away. You know what I mean – the one chick that we were in love with but you never got the chance to hit it, or she slipped away…. I myself never had that issue – I would be with one chick and already planning out my next girlfriend… But I can understand it.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t fall in love with anyone…. The first time I saw Alison Angel I thought she was perfect. I thought she was perfect in every day. Tall, blonde, perfect body, perfect breasts, and she came across as oh so much fun in her photos and videos….

I had the chance to meet Alison Angel in person a number of times and she was exactly what every man dreams of…. Alison Angel was in fact perfect!

Look at how tight her body and those perfectly sized breasts….. Just perfect!

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