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Sexy Police Officer

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Normally Hispanic chicks don’t do it for me. I live in California; Hispanic chicks are a dime a dozen here. I have yet to meet one that I wanted to knock uglies with. Well, come to think of it, there was this one chick I met down in Mexico on my yearly drinking binges…..

But Karla Spice just fucking does it for me every which way from next fucking Thursday…..

karla spice sexy police officer3

Karla Spice is dressed up today like a sexy police officer; The tag on her shirt says “agent”. I’ll call her “agent sex pot”. And if I was ever to get arrested I would so want to be arrested by Karla Spice. I wonder if she has her own handcuffs. Chicks who have their own handcuffs are always hot. Those are the same chicks that like to wear their high heels to bed and tear up the sheets with them.

What a beautiful little sweet ass Karla Spice has! And oh how she loves to show it off!

karla spice sexy police officer1karla spice sexy police officer2karla spice sexy police officer4karla spice sexy police officer8

I wouldn’t mind spanking her ass once or twice!

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