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Hottest Ever XOXO Leah

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They say there is no such thing as a bad pizza. Some pizzas are better than others, but you always enjoy pizza. No one complains. Well, not too loudly. Women are just like pizza. All women are fuckable, some just more than others. It always depends on where your morals and values are and how low you are willing to go. There was some times in my  life when I was… Well, willing to go pretty low. But then suddenly you discover there are woman in the very top tier of everything… They are hotter than everyone else. I call these the one percenters. If you ever dated one of these… You would know it. And you would have done everything in your power to keep them at your side, including resorting to crime. They are just that hot. I have my favorite solo girls on this board but there are some woman that are just way hot….

XOXO Leah comes to mind.

If they she wanted you to… you would rob a bank for her. Anything to keep her in money, anything to keep her happy. XOXO Leah is just that fucking hot. Long blonde hair, perfect boobs, flat belly, great ass… Legs for days….  She is in fact the perfect woman.

Now we wonder if XOXO Leah likes banging other girls…. That would be utterly fantastic.

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