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XO Gisele Sexy Bath

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Years ago I used to live with a girlfriend who loved to take baths… She took a long bath nearly every other day. I used to poke fun at her for her long baths. One day I made a comment about her baths and she just looked at me and said “Women take long baths because they like to masturbate”. That explains the glass of wine.

Looks like XO Gisele likes to take baths too… And clearly XO Gisele is enjoying her bath.

If I had tits like XO Gisele had tits I would want to play with those titties all the time too….  XO Gisele looks like she would be a wild, wild time. Naked in the tub playing with her titties…. She’s having a good fun time. That’s our kind of girl!

We need more chicks like XO Gisele who like to fondle their breasts in the bath tub… I don’t see a glass of wine but who knows….

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