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Sexy Madden Half Naked

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There is sexy and then there is SEXY. They are two different things.

We have a lot of sexy here on Rochard’s Bunny Ranch, and Madden ranks up there towards to the top. I wouldn’t say she is the hottest chick on the blog here but she is super hot…. But this photo of Madden is so hot that it elevates her status here… This is super sexy.

Madden hasn’t even showed us her breasts which is a damn shame. I understand; She has some morals and values (even though she likes making out with other chicks and posting pictures of it online). I’ve always wanted to see her naked… Or at least topless. In this case we can see most of her breasts and nipples… She might as well just be naked already. Usually solo girls start doing non nude and then slowly get bored with it then go full nude when interest starts to drop…. Going nude gets the attention of old members and brings in a new group of people who aren’t into the non nude thing… but Madden never went this route.

It’s a damn shame too.

Could you just picture walking into a room and seeing Madden laid out like this… It’s pretty clear that when a chick like this is dressed like this she has one thing on her mind and it’s not baking cookies….  Madden is always hot but this takes her to a whole new level.

I love Madden.

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