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Cody Love

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There are women you want to fuck, and women you want to fuck daily for the rest of your life.

This perky little blonde in the sexy white stockings is Cody Love from Twisties. Clearly, she’s the one you want to fuck for the rest of your life. Daily.

cody love hot perky blonde twisties4

And who wouldn’t want to fuck Cody Love? She’s perfect in every possible way we can judge a women. She’s cute, great body, and of course she’s willing to get naked online. Cody Love has sexy blonde hair – It’s true, blondes have more fun – but at the same time she has a little defiant patch of pink hair… Just a little.

It sort of screams that Cody Love understands the social norms of modern society, but also is a throw back to the old days when being a young woman who was sexually liberated meant they could dye their hair any way they wanted…. And we loved them all the same.

cody love hot perky blonde twisties5 cody love hot perky blonde twisties6

Did you happen to notice that Cody Love has been on her hands and knees for this entire photo shoot? Very hot….. Now we know how she likes it!

cody love hot perky blonde twisties7

What a fucking tease Cody Love can be….

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