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Caged Animal

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Oh no, this looks a little bit scary! A black cage in the basement. Most women would get scared at this point. I can just hear it now: “You want me to do WHAT?”.

But Next Door Nikki has no fear. She can handle it. Next Door Nikki isn’t afraid!

next door nikki caged animal1

She opens up the door and gets in, just like a little doggie. Now, I know all chicks about the age of Next Door Nikki like to be fucked doggie style, but this is pushing things a little bit, don’t you think?

But once inside the cage, Next Door Nikki plays the part – and then starts to take off her clothes!

next door nikki caged animal2 next door nikki caged animal3

I have no idea how Next Door Nikki is taking off her clothes in such a tiny little cage, but she’s pulling it off! You would think that her knockers would be getting in the way!

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