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Michelle Jean Is Utterly Cute

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Michelle Jean from This Year’s Model is super cute… Just pure super cute…

But looks can be misleading, can’t they? Michelle Jean might be cute but… She is oh so much more than just a cute chick. She is super smart. She is the one behidn the This Year’s Model website. She seems to run it all…. And that’s hot. Chicks who are pretty are just that, pretty. But that only goes so far. I like chicks that are smart and pretty. I don’t want a chick who says “buy me a purse”. I would much rather have a chick that says “I bought you a new car” and then fuck my brains out.

I think Michelle Jean checks all of the boxes. As an extra added bonus, you can bring her home to mother…

Getting to see Michelle Jean naked on a regular basis is just a huge extra added bonus.

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