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Lana @ This Years Model

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Meet Lana from This Year’s Model. Yum.

I’ve worked as a photographer before in the adult industry and I’ll be honest… I was a “less than average” photographer. Some people have that skill and some people just do not know. Take a good look at this photo from This Year’s Model…. Someone said “Let’s take Lana here and put her in a t-shirt straight out of the 1970s and take some photos and… The end result is it look like this photo was taken in the 1970s. I have no idea how they did it…

And Lana is pretty hot too. Perky titties. Just the right size. Her boobs are fun sized. That’s what we would expect from a twenty-two year old college chick.

And Lana has a nice flat belly too… She’s the perfect model. She fits right in at This Year’s Model. Very, very nice.


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