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Dirty Aly Is Super Perky

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Oh I remember the days of working at Lightspeed…. What great memories. There was Tawnee Stone; She was cute and perky and all of that but just not my type. Jordan Capri was hot too. My favorite was XXX Raimi Miller. There was also Taylor Little who started off with little boobs and ended up with giant boobs. And then there was Dirty Aly.

Dirty Aly was a one of a kind.

Working at a porn studio one never knew what was going to happen. One day my boss walked in and said “you need to go out and buy a trampoline and set it up in the back yard for today’s photo shoot”. Some days were routine, boring, editing content, customer support, server issues…. And then there was the phone call from Dirty Aly. Turns out Dirty Aly had just turned eighteen – that day – and wanted to shoot content. She had wanted to be a stripped, but in Arizona you needed a special license to be a stripper and it took two weeks. Dirty Aly just wanted to get naked in front of strangers. Off to the grocery store we went to buy her a birthday cake for her very first photo shoot.

The photos of Dirty Aly getting naked eating birthday cake went up that very same day….

That was a fun day indeed.

Dirty Aly was always a lot of fun.

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