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Spencer Nicks Plays With Balls

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Although my blog here doesn’t make money like it used to the site still makes some money (beer money perhaps) so I still update it once a week. It’s a constant reminder of where my journey into the adult world started. It’s also fun because this site has been online since 2005 or so and I would just hate to see it die. So every week I update the blog… Today I decided to update the blog with Spencer Nicks . The solo girl industry has changed and more or less no longer exists. I used to get my content for the blog here because websites would email me content on a weekly basis. Not any more. Now I have to hunt for content. Today I set out to find some photos of Spencer Nicks and instead… Came across a social media account with the same name. At first I dismissed it saying “Oh that’s not her” but the photos were hot enough to keep my interest and the more I looked at the photos…. Is this Spencer Nicks?

Older and with better make up?

Is it Spencer Nicks with a better photographer? The cameras we used in 2002 sucked donkey balls and now the average cell phone has a better camera than what we had back in the day…. Is it possible this is the same woman but with better a better photographer, better lighting, bettre make up, and a little bit older?

Still hot no matter what.

Who hasn’t loved Spencer Nicks?

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