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Spencer Nicks Is Like A Fine Wine

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I always promised myself I would never sit around and post about how it was in the “gold old days” yet here we are….

Spencer Nicks was pretty popular back in the day as a solo girl. She just always seemed like a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t want to spend some free time with a good looking woman who seemed like lots of fun? Well, that was ten years ago or maybe more. Now… She’s all grown up. I am not sure how old she was when she first started her site, but I am guessing twenty… Which makes her thirty now. And the older I get the more I like my women a little bit older. Twenty-one year old college chicks don’t do it for me any more – I like the curves, the big ass, and oh my fucking god I love the big giant titties. Yum.

Yes, Spencer Nicks is all grown up now…. And she has a great fucking rack. Take a good long look at this picture of Spencer Nicks, a good look at her giant boobs, and then close your eyes and imagine Spencer Nicks riding on top of you with those boobs bouncing all around…. That is a slice of heaven.

Yes, Spencer Nicks sure is looking good.

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