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Shyla Jennings Ass Up Face Down

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Bangy bangy!

All women like to be fucked from behind. Women like it when that cock is penetrating deep inside of them and the best way for that to happen is doggie style. The old face down ass up position seems to work best. It might be because they like being treated like dogs, or like it when men are being aggressive with them. Who the fuck knows – It might be because they don’t want to look at our face and instead want to imagine they are being fucked by their lesbian girlfriend who is wearing a huge strap on dildo. Who knows with these chicks.

Either way the smile on Shyla Jennings face here is utterly fucking priceless. She’s got this big ass shit eating grin on her face. I am not sure if she is teasing her man or if her man is about to slam her from behind but either way Shyla Jennings looks really, really happy. All she needs to do is get up on her knees, spread her legs, let him peel her panties off… And it’s boom city!!!!

That’s why Shyla Jennings is so fucking happy! She’s about to get fucked. Doggie style. From behind. Like the true slut she is!

And Shyla Jennings will love every last minute of it…

I bet you Shyla Jennings is a lot of fun!

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