12 years ago

Reflections Part Three

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Meanwhile, back to my photo album….. Here’s another one who got away. Meet Carmen:

While kinky in her own special way, she was a “nice girl”. Lots of fun, very social, lots of friends, etc. It seems all of her friends were getting married and she wanted to get married too, and me like a dumb ass I let her go. Big mistake. Later she married “Mr. Right”, or rather “Mr. Wright”. However, truth be told he was “Mr. Oh So Wrong” and they parted ways less than a year later. I had moved onto bigger and better things by then (Namely lesbians!).

Here’s another picture:

She was also the type of girl that changed her looks often; She could change from day to day and you would never know what to expect. But always tastefully and classy. Nice gal. I hope she’s doing well.

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