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Rachel Sexton Has Small Boobies

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I like chicks with big boobs. I like boobs. All men do. All women like boobs too, although most of them would not admit it. Chicks with bigger boobs are just more fun – fun to look at, fun to play with. But not all chicks have big boobs.

Rachel Sexton here has small boobs, but she looks like she would be a lot of fun. Both in and out of the sack. Chicks these days lover getting dressed up and doing photo shoots; It’s pretty much a requirement for boyfriends these days to be amateur photographers. And clearly Rachel Sexton likes getting dressed up. Any chance she get to dress up and she is there for you. And eventually – because all chicks are sluts – she will be taking off her clothes and posing for you.

It looks like she started off here with a French maid costume but things got out of hand and now Rachel Sexton doesn’t much much clothes on. And that’s hot.

Looks like small boobs can be fun after all.

I would gladly play with Rachel Sexton…. And her small but perky boobies.

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