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Private School Jewel Hot Bikini Fun

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I love how This Year’s Model has tons of pictures of Private School Jewel…. She is so smoking hot!

Let’s be realistic here, or at least let’s be somewhat honest. Private School Jewel is hot, but she lacks… in the boobs department. I like boobs, all men like boobs; Everyone including chicks like boobs. How can you not like boobs? Okay, so Private School Jewel lacks when it comes to boobies. But she makes up with it with those looks! You know the drill – big boobs means you have to have a cetain amount of meat on the body. The skinner the chick, the smaller the boobs. And Private School Jewel is super skinny and super tight. I like that in a woman, but I like boobs too.

But I will never complain when it comes to Private School Jewel… She’s just too smoking hot to say no to.

You know you would never be able to say no to Private School Jewel either… She’s smoking hot even without the boobs.

Now imagine if she did have boobs. These solo girls are always young, nineteen or in their early twenties…. Imagine her if she was twenty-five years old and had some meaty boobs on her chest… That make Private School Jewel even more hotter than she is now! And that would be perfect!

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