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Model Michelle Jean Is So Under Rated

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One of the most under rated models in the solo girl world today is Michelle Jean… She’s cute and sexy, and has a beautiful little perky tits… Those tits are legendary. Chicks with perfect boobs that don’t need a bra on a daily basis (or ever) are always fun to be with… It’s fun to watch her in the shower, when she’s running, walking, or when… she’s riding on top of your cock… Watching those boobs bounce around while she is on top of you getting off is the perfect way to spend a night… or a three day weekend.

She’s perfect. But beauty is only so deep, isn’t it? What if I told you that Michelle Jean was so much more than a pretty face with a killer body and utterly perfect tits? Oh, there is so much more to her… She’s smart. Computer smart. Not only is she a model, but she is a photographer, graphic designer, web page designer… And independent business woman. Yes, Michelle Jean is utterly perfect.

She runs This Year’s Model. Of coruse this means the entire website is full of models of Michelle Jean (and a lot of other hot women just like her…). And that makes her website as perfect as she is.

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