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Lesbians In Bikinis

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I love the “This Year’s Model” website. So much fucking hotness.

But it’s one chick in particular that does it for me. Michelle Jean. Oh, she’s easy on the eyes, sexy, loves to play dress up. In this case she is also wearing a sexy bikini on the beach and she look like they are about to get it on. In fact, as the pictures go on, they are pretty much getting it on. Right there with their bikinis. On the beach. Where everyone can see them.  That’s what makes it so much hottter – everyone can see them as their titties come out.

But that’s not all that makes Michelle Jean super hot and crazy sexy. She also pretty much runs This Year’s Model. She does the HTML, the photos, the marketing…. I actually work with her all the time. She’s super hot, super sexy, and super friendly. She’s a win win. Not only can you take her home to your mother, you can bang her hard against the front door or the living room floor and then she can fix your website for you. At the end of the day, what more can you ask from a lover?

Michelle Jean is perfect at every level.

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