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At this point nothing surprises me.

I thought I had seen every single photo of Melissa Midwest but it turns out I had missed a lot. Seems there are a lot of pictures I haven’t seen.

Who knows with her. She’s everywhere and all over the place. Here she is with some chick I’ve never heard of named Sweet Ardi, buck ass naked, in front of a Porsche… I’ve never owned a Porsche but they look like fun. This chick Sweet Ardi looks like fun too. Any chick that is willing to get naked with another chick on some guy’s car is our type of girl….

I like all kinds of breasts but in a side by side comparison Melissa Midwest wins out…. Her boobies are bigger. Although I surely wouldn’t turn Sweet Ardi away. I wouldn’t kick either of them out of my bed for eating cookies or any other reason.

I would let this topless tag team have their way with me if I was lucky enough to ever get the offer…

Who knows. Maybe Sweet Ardi and Melissa Midwest had sex on the back end of this Porsche. That would hot and fun to watch!

God I love Melissa Midwest’s boobies!

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