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Tight And Sex Kari Sweets

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Kari Sweets was always a sexy tight little bitch.

I am not sure where Kari Sweets fits on the hotness scale. On one hand she’s smoking hot in a nice little tight piece of ass. On the other hand she looks like she can be a little bitch and the type of chick that needs a spanking on a regular basis. Then again, I wouldn’t mind being the man who would be the one to give her a spanking…. I would love to spank Kari Sweets and her tight little ass. Yum.

I wonder if Kari Sweets does girls… My thoughts always go to “is she bisexual or not?”. I think all girls are bisexual. I think all chicks like Kari Sweets are bisexual. And that’s hot. If you dig hot enough you do find Kari Sweets taking photos with another chick… Hot.

My god she is super tight and sexy….

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