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Jordan Capri Motorcycle Ride

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I am surprised this photo of Jordan Capri isn’t already on the blog here…. But this is fucking awesome.

There is a great story behind the motorcycles here but I am not sure how much I can tell or should tell. Let’s just say that a bunch of us at Lightspeed went out and bought motorcycles together. This bike wasn’t mine, but surely after we bought them it was only a matter of time before these motorcycles ended up in our photoshoots. I believe this motorcycle belonged to our marketing guy which seems about right because he had a huge thing for Jordan Capri. Then again, who doesn’t have a thing for her?

In this photo she had just taken off all of our clothes and has this “deer in the headlights” kind of look trying to hide all of her naughty bits. Oh so cute.

Jordan Capri was always cute.

I remember Jordan Capri being cute and tight and short and I always imagined she was a hot little fuck. All you need to do is bend her over and nail her from behind. Then again chicks like Jordan Capri are always up for some sex….  She was into all kinds of crazy things. The fact that her apartment was close to our offices sure helped too!

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