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Jana Rocks

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Looks like I found another website for Jana, also known as Jana Cova. This time the name of the website is Jana Rocks and it’s got some pretty seriously good photography in it!

Then again, any time you put a chick like Jana Rocks into a bikini, well, it’s just perfect. Even if the car she’s posing on isn’t a Mustang.

jana rocks hot car teen bikini slut1

How do I explain this? Yet another site devoted to Jana? Well, Jana is a model. In most cases, a photographer hires her to take some photos. Usually they put them up on a general site like Spunky Angels where they have lots of different models. But every now and then one model stands out, she’s super sexy and fun to work with, and they end up hiring her again and again until they have enough photos of her. In this case, they have plenty of photos of Jana Rocks for her own site!

jana rocks hot car teen bikini slut3jana rocks hot car teen bikini slut4jana rocks hot car teen bikini slut7jana rocks hot car teen bikini slut8

if you look really close at those last two photos and if your really paying attention, you might notice in the background there is a US flag. Under this is the United States Marine flag. (Nice really.) I swear, former US Marines are behind like half of the porn on the Internet – myself included!

I love you Jana Rocks!!!!

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