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Home Safe

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I was released from captiviity yesterday and made my way home. Ironically I had a layover in Phoenix, which seems to keep sucking me back.

Alison Angel and Lia once told me a story where they were poolside in Vegas when they discovered they were running late for their flight. The ran up to their room, packed their bags, and ended up getting on the plane wearing nothing but bikinis. Very hawt. I tried to talk some of the gals we were hanging with to hop on the plane with me to fly wearing nothing but bikinis with little luck. One girl wore a bikini top, which is as good as it got. Still entertaining. Here’s another picture from my trip…..

Anyhows, that was intersting.

So I returned home only to discover this morning that I’m throwing a party this weekend – Saturday night. Seems the company I used to work for has lost yet another employee and they want to have a going away party. She’s really sexy, long blonde hair, long legs. I’m doing lunch with her today. So on Friday I’ll dig through my stuff and find the Jager machine, pull out all the booze….. And I hired a topless bartender too.

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