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First Time Auditions

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Time to shake things up a bit while still following the rules of not showing any cock on my blog. It’s more difficult than you think.

Speaking of cock, would you let this chick suck on your pecker if you had the chance?

nicole first time audition1

Don’t be silly; Of course you would. I would too. She’s hot; Love the pigtails!

Her name is Nicole and she’s on the First Time Auditions website. It’s about chicks from the Midwest or whatever who go to Hollywood to follow their dreams only to discover that Hollywood is pretty fucking nasty, dirty, and full of people who used to work in real estate and now work serving food (Would you like fries with that?).

Half of the people there claim to be producers who work at one studio or another; If hot looking women are willing to blow them or put out for them maybe they’ll get lucky. I’m sure it happens all the time.

nicole first time audition3

I would kill to have this chick thinking I’m a producer at a studio and have her doing anything I want for that break our role!

I wouldn’t feel guilty about it either!

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