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Girls In Glasses Are Smoking Hot

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Girls in glasses are smoking hot.

When we were kids in high school girls who had glasses were anything but cute. We surely didn’t find them remotely attractive. LOL, what was wrong with us? Suddenly ten or twenty years later chicks in glasses are a huge turn on. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because we like looking at their eyes when they are on their knees giving us a blow job, or maybe it’s because it makes them look geeky and geeky is now an in thing.

No matter what chicks in glasses are hot, even if we don’t know why.

Ariel Rebel – who looks hot on any given day – looks super sexy in her glasses. And with that look in her eyes and her mouth wide open like that…. Holy shit. Ariel Rebel has never looked hotter, even when she’s in high heels or a bikini or getting it on with other chicks. Oh, and her boobies too… Ariel Rebel has always had small boobs and that makes her look younger than she is. Not only is Ariel Rebel Canadian (gasp!) but she’s also much older than you think! But still super hot.

I think Ariel Rebel has been in the solo girl industry for as long as I have been in the adult industry, and I’ve been in for twenty years so… That should give you a good idea of how old Ariel Rebel is!

Always super hot!

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