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Pairs Of Giant Breasts

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What’s better than a pair of huge breasts? LOL. Two pairs of breasts.

I have no idea of what Ewa Sonnet is up to here but I approve.

It looks like Ewa Sonnet has a new friend, and she has big tits too. Looks like they got a little crazy in the kitchen and decided to pour milk on each other’s large breasts. I mean, why not? I haven’t you ever been hanging out naked with your buddies and suddenly wanted to pour milk on each other? Who knows why women do the things they do. Some things I will just never understand. But no matter what Ewa Sonnet and her sexy big breasted friend look smoking hot on their hands and knees playing with milk like two sexy slutty kittens. And maybe that is exactly what they are – kittens. Sex kittens.

I would bang them both in the kitchen.

It seems that her friend is named Ines Cudna. Ewa Sonnet is Polish, so I guess Ines is Polish too. (Oddly enough, I am Polish myself – Polish and Irish. Perhaps that explains why I like Ewa so much – or maybe it’s because of her boobs.)

Just imagine having a threesome with Ewa Sonnet and her sexy big breasted girlfriend!

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