10 months ago

Diddylicious Is Super Tight

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Diddylicious was always a lot of fun.

I know sometimes I like to play up like I know all of these chicks but the reality is most of them I don’t know. Some I know better than others. Diddylicious I knew pretty well. Not only was she easy on the eyes but she was always a lot of fun… I can also say she was a good kisser too… No, I never banged Diddylicious but oh I so wanted to… Who wouldn’t? She’s cute, perky, and lots of fun…

Could you imagine having 110 lbs of Diddylicious sitting on your lap while she is bouncing up and down? She might not have huge boobs but she would still be super fun in the sack.

Diddylicious sure is a good kisser though. I know that for a fact.


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