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Stunning Destiny Moody

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Another day and I am still only more in love with Destiny Moody. She is just perfect.

There are lots of chicks out there – There is some seven billion people in the world, roughly half of them women – yet even with today’s media and photos every where in the world, I cannot seem to find a woman as hot as Destiny Moody. I surely haven’t dated on as hot as Destiny Moody – and I can tell you I’ve dated some pretty hot chicks.

Try to ignore her perfect body and her flawless tits…. And look directly into her eyes. If Destiny Moody wanted all of your money, you would gladly give it all to her. Just for the chance to be in the same room with her .

I know a lot of solo girls, and some of them have been pretty smart. I’ve dated a few of them (shhh!), and banged even more of them. (Just for kicks!) But I’ve never met Destiny Moody and that might be a good thing… I am not sure if I would be able to control myself with her!

Damn, Destiny Moody is hot!

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