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Destiny Moody Is A Super Hot Lesbian

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At the end of the day all woman are lesbians. It’s just a matter of degrees. And perhaps how much liquor they have consumed.

No, seriously, all women are bi-sexual to some degree. If you go to your girlfriend and tell her you want to have a threesome with one of her friends there is a very real possibility that it will happen. However, if your girlfriend wants to have a threesome with your best friend you would like “yikes, that’s gay” and then “hell no”. That’s how it works.

Looks like Destiny Moody is a little bit of gay. Or a lot of gay. Then again any woman who is willing to take off all of her clothes on her own website and let everyone in the world see her naked has to be a little bit gay…

I can watch Destiny Moody and this chick make out all day… I am sure that the video inside of her site must be freaking wild!!!

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