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Destiny Moody And Her Beautiful Breasts

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Destiny Moody is perfect in every damn way. I’ve made fun of her name hundreds of times (I don’t see her as being moody at all!) but at the end of the day she’s just stunning. There is not a single thing that is out of place. Her body is perfect. She has long sexy legs, a great ass, a beautiful little pussy – nice and tight I am sure – and a great fucking rack. In fact, I go so far as to call her breasts “beautiful” and perfect. Her face is beautiful with those dark brown eyes. And her sexy long dark hair just completes the package.

I would go so far as to say that Destiny Moody is the perfect ten.

Her body might be perfect, but it’s her breasts that get me going… After all of this time I have in fact become a breast man and Destiny Moody has utterly beautiful breasts.

Here she is outside with her perky little beautiful breasts popping out of her blouse… Destiny Moody looks cold here; The hair on her arms is standing up and her nipples are nice and perky!

That look on her face is to die for…

Even if Destiny Moody was moody it might be fun to try to put her in her place. It sounds like a blast to strip her down and have her lay across your lap so you can give her tight little ass a good firm spanking. I am sure Destiny Moody likes being put in her place!

Destiny Moody sounds like oh so much fun!

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