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Crazy Hot Tub Sex

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Face it – the only reason we enjoy hot tubs is because of the sex. Getting into a hot tub is boring; It’s like taking a bath outside. But if you were to get into a hot tub with Craving Carmen, it’s an entirely different story. I mean, first of all, being in a hot tub with Craving Carmen means your nice and close to her. And obviously she’s already wet. That’s helpful.

Looks like Craving Carmen is in the hot tub in her lingerie. You know exactly what that means! Craving Carmen isn’t getting in the hot tub to waste the next half hour of her life; She wants to get fucked. Hard. In the hot tub.

craving carmen hot tub

God bless chicks like Craving Carmen.

She’s in the hot tub now, half in, half out; Craving Carmen is on her knees and you know EXACTLY what that means. She’s ready to be taken from behind!

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