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Cassidy Cole Naked

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One of the chicks I’ve had a thing for recently has been Cassidy Cole. There is just something about her. It’s almost like she is real. She is the real girl next door. I can really see her living next door.

Years ago when I lived in an apartment there was a chick just like Cassidy Cole who lived upstairs from me. She was smoking hot, huge boobs, liked to wear a bikini. I wanted to bang her so bad. I feel the same way about Cassidy Cole.

Yeah, I’ve had a thing for her for some time now. But if you were paying attention, you might have noticed you never really see her full on naked. You never see her snatch and face in the same shot. I’m guessing this is because she wanted to be able to deny it was really her. Perhaps her boyfriend didn’t know she was shooting porn or something like this. But this time we get to see her full on naked.

I think I like Cassidy Cole a whole lot more now!

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