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All Girls School

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I’ve been in porn a long time. I’ve seen it all. You name it, I’ve seen it. I’ve worked it all, from hardcore (think double anal penetration) to soft core; Still to this day I get hard as a rock when filming lesbians kiss. Been there done that, and been invited to shoot or sit in with most of the solo girls during photo shoots, and if I ever loose my cell phone people will be pissed because two thirds of the most famous porn stars are listed in my contacts.

I love lesbians of all sorts, and I have a huge thing for domination. “I say do, and they do”. Very simple.

Yet tonight I stumbled across something that, well, really super turned me on. An all girls school. Called St Mackenzies.

all girls-school6

It seems to be a rather naughty all girls school located someplace (I’m guessing here) UK. It’s like a school where they teach hot girls to be naughty girls. And lesbians.

So what’s so new about a website about an all girls school? Well, let’s start with these four thumbnails:

all girls-school1all girls-school2all girls-school3all girls-school4

Usually these websites about “all girl schools” are sloppy ugly lesbians. But not at St Mackenzies. They seem to have only the hottest “students” (not to mention the “instructors”), and they seem to really be running an girls school. They seem to really be doing it – living out my fantasy!

Seems they also teach them how to play rugby….

all girls-school7

So check out St Mackenzies. I swear I’m going to ask them for a job.

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