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Brooke Marks Is Yum

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Brooke Marks has always had a magical hold over me. She’s beautiful (and very blonde) but beauty does not make a woman appealing to me. Oh, don’t get me wrong if a beautiful woman wants to fuck and I always DTF – no doubt about it at all. A one night stand (or a four day weekend) is one thing, but for a long term relationship I need a little something more. I need personality. I need character. And make no mistake about it, Brooke Marks has character and personality. Tons of it.

This is why Brooke Marks is so special. She’s beautiful not only with her looks, but also everything else… She must be so much fun to be with.

Just imagine what it’s like to fuck her. That must be fun too…. I wonder if Brooke Marks would making wise cracks while she’s cumming…..

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