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My very first website on the Internet was a daily bikini site. It was called Zachary’s Daily Dose. My nick name back then was Zak3. (Long story.) The website started on a free host called Geocities, and eventually moved over to it’s own domain. But I sill love chicks in bikinis. Case in point is…. Meet Madden. Yum.

Years ago I bought a domain called Swimsuit Daily. Even though it has “swimsuit” in the name it’s really about bikinis. The domain was busy with another project and I was actually leasing it out to someone else just because I was too busy to deal with it…. But I took back months ago and I’ve been writing about chicks in bikinis…. Not for profit but just for fun. Check it out some time: http://swimsuitdaily.com/

Have a great weekend.

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