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Watching TV With Autumn Riley

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I can’t figure women out. And I can’t figure out this scene with Autumn Riley either. Hmmm.

What? Was she just laying around with her man watching TV wearing no panties? (If so that’s fucking hot!)

sexy brunette autumn riley5

Maybe he didn’t know she didn’t have any panties on until she stood up. I didn’t notice she wasn’t wearing panties in that first shot myself, although I’m sitting in my home office at 5am on a fucking cold February morning, not watching TV with a half naked Autum Riley. Big difference.

sexy brunette autumn riley1 sexy brunette autumn riley2 sexy brunette autumn riley3 sexy brunette autumn riley4

Then Autumn Riley pulls her titties out, game over. No matter what you wanted to watch on TV tonight you’ll have to record. Oh, stop fucking complaining you big pussy!

sexy brunette autumn riley8


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