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Topless Under Jacket

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I have no idea where Annabelle Angel lives, but I’m guessing it’s someplace cold – or at least where they have winter. I haven’t seen a winter jacket like this in ages (Fuck you all, I live in California where we have two seasons – nice and nicer.) Seems Annabelle Angel hasn’t figured out there are places were you don’t have to wear winter jackets. I’ll gladly be her sugar daddy if she wants; She can live with me. Annabelle Angel can just walk around topless all day, no jacket needed.

But this reminds us that Annabelle Angel has perfect breasts!

annabelle angel topless under jacket

The tight jeans are pretty hot too. Great view of her fucking snatch!

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  • you have a very beautiful breast i love it .. you are very cute

    Hany Bahaa March 18, 2011 10:53 pm

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