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Destiny Moody In Short Shorts

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You all know how I feel about Destiny Moody…. Out of all of the girls I post up on this blog, Destiny Moody must be one of the top ten if not the top five. She is just perfect in nearly every way. I’ve used the term “flawless” before in the past to describe her and I do believe she is in fact flawless. Her legs, her ass, her pussy, her breasts, her face, her eyes, her hair… All of these things are flawless. She is just flawless from the ground up.

No matter what Destiny Moody is wearing she looks hot. She can be dressed up like a garbage man but knowing Destiny Moody she’ll unzip the front enough to show off her cleavage and she will still be super sexy and hot.

No garbage man outfit today but instead we have Destiny Moody in a tight little pair of short shorts. You know, the old fashion daisy dukes. We don’t see women enough in daisy duke shorts. Sigh. This should become a thing again.

In the mean time we will just have to be contempt with looking at Destiny Moody in her short shorts, teasing us with her cleavage like a good little slut should. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call Destiny Moody a slut but she is dress up in those short daisy duke shorts and she is teasing us with her cleavage like a slut at truck stop who is looking to make a buck.

I’d gladly pay for it.

Eventually Destiny Moody stops teasing us with her breasts and takes her shirt off to show us those perky breasts… This is exactly what dreams are made up of….

As I mentioned above, Destiny Moody is flawless. I listed all of her flawless body parts, and her ass is one of one. Clearly her ass is flawless too. Thankfully Destiny Moody is always willing to show off her sexy booty for us!

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