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Ann Angel The Dirty French Maid

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Ann Angel makes a dirty french maid… The good kind. Not sure if she is into cleaning much, but that is what we expect our women to now isn’t it? Clean? Clean up after us and then… fuck us. Looks like Ann Angel knows the routine well enough.

I am glad to see Ann Angel is still around. She was always hot, blonde, tight, and slutty. Solo girls are a dime a dozen but some of them stand out above the others. Like Ann Angel. Yeah, she’s cute and blonde and has perky tits but there is so much more to her… I am glad she is still around. And from the looks of things she is keeping herself very, very busy… And still being just as naughty.

A quick visit to her site tells us she is up to the usual antics. In fact, it looks like Ann Angel is unable to say no to… anything. Lollypops, banans, huge fucking cucumbers… Yeah, it does look like she’s doing everything. In fact, Ann Angel seems to have a huge oral fetish… She’ll put anything between her lips and suck it down or swallow it down….

That’s what makes Ann Angel so special to us. That and her collection of push up bras.

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