17 years ago

Reflections Part Six

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So I mentined earlier I worked at the phone company. I was a telephone operator. Sound gay right? Not so much. Think again. You think telephone operator you think a woman, right? Right. Most operators are woman. I was one of six men working an office of 250 women. I like those odds.

I met Stacy at the phone company. She was new and didn’t last long. While I was able to tie her up to my bedpost more than once she snuck away before I could put a rock on her finger. That would have made my day. Here we go with the pictures on the Mustang again!

When I knew her, Stacy was only twenty so we couldn’t go bar hopping with me. But I do have one good story about her. She comes to me one day – at work of all places – and tells me she needs a favor. Seems her and her friend want to have a threesome and asked if I could help out. Being the nice guy I am, I did. Would you get between these two naked under the sheets?


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