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Misty Anderson

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Women who can kick my ass on any given day and twice on a Tuesday usually don’t turn me on.

Misty Anderson, pictured above on my motorcycle in San Diego, is one such woman that does turn me on. More than easy on the eyes, she has a wonderful personality and a body that just won’t stop. She’s rather shy in person, works out daily, and might even be smarter than I but so is my dog Sparky. Misty also has this nightclub walk that make grown men feel underage.

Misty has her own website; You can find me posting on her message board. (Click here for Misty’s site!)

Misty Anderson, perhaps someday you’ll Google yourself and come across my blog entry here. So read this – I want you to have my children. We’ll have to do lots of practice; I’m ready to being when you are!

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Misty Anderson

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